The late Bishop C. O. Ricketts
The late Honorable Bishop Cecil O. Ricketts, a patriarch of the Apostolic movement in Canada, was born July 18, 1915 in Clarendon, Jamaica. He was baptized in Jesus’ Name at the age of 22 and ordained to the ministry in 1946. He immigrated to Canada in 1950’s and worked for CP and CN Rail until he was called by God to leave that profession to transition into full time ministry. [Read More]
Dr. L. C. Cawley
Dr. L. Colin Cawley is a humble servant whose genuine passion is to see the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Dr. Colin Cawley was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, West Indies. He came to know the Lord at an early age and since then he has had an insatiable desire to study the Word of God. [Read More]

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