The Capacity Youth and Young Adult Ministry is committed to fostering an environment that values, supports and ignites progressive growth and development of the holistic person. The Capacity Youth and Young Adult Ministry's intent is to inspire youth and young adults to maximize the wealth of their purpose and to unearth the potential in order to influence and affect change in the lives of their peers, families, assemblies and communities as Kingdom conscious citizens.

    CYYAM Declaration

    • I decree and declare NOW that I am the generation that will seek the face of the Lord, the Most High. [Psalm 24:6]

    • I decree and declare NOW that I am Beloved of the Lord [Ephesians 1:6] and a valued Citizen of the Kingdom of God [Malachi 4:17]

    • I decree and declare NOW that I am complete, established, grounded securely, strengthened and settled in Christ Jesus [1 Peter 5:10]

    • I decree and proclaim NOW that I will take my rightful position in the Kingdom and be everything that God purposed for me.

    • I decree and declare NOW that because I am valued, supported, ignited and inspired by Jesus Christ, I will value, support, ignite and inspire others.

    Capacity Youth and Young Adults Events & Services

    Sunday Friday
    • The department hosts evening services on the 3rd Sunday of each month


    • Youth Activities: 8 pm
    Upcoming Events