Welcome to the Mount Zion Apostolic Church – Toronto website. Our mission is to use this space to broadcast the “good news” of the life changing power of Jesus Christ, which transcends creed, color, race, ethnicity and gender.

As such, we have placed a strong emphasis on missions, outreach and Christian development so that we are able to efficiently serve our community and effect change in our nation. We have embraced the scriptural mandate that clearly declares that we should “go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to everyone” (Mark 16:15).

The name Mount Zion Apostolic Church was not simply chosen at random. In scripture, ‘Zion’ represents a fortress and a city, called the City of David (1 Kings 8:1).  The truest inference and importance of what Zion meant to the children of Israel is what we are praying our church will mean for all.

We hope you’ll visit us here at Mount Zion Apostolic Church - Toronto in the near future. Please explore our website or contact us for more information. God bless you richly and hope to see you soon!